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Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions


You can book an energy session with Sarah to clear and remove any limiting beliefs that may be keeping you from creating the life of your dreams.  Sarah uses her highly intuitive energy reading process to heal, shift and create change on a subconscious level with her clients.  With Sarah’s readings, and unique energy clearing you can make changes more efficiently, and with lasting effects. 

There are many different session packages now available to best suit your energy healing needs. Check out the session packages page to get a list and description of all services offered.

Sessions can be done over the phone or Skype

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Why Use Energy Healing?

* People seek healing for specific reasons, or a general desire for personal growth. Sarah has worked with money issues, love, pain or illness, depression, anxiety and all levels of minor or major trauma.

* Some issues can be resolved in one session, others need a more consistent sessions to get at the many roots of an issue.  The length of work together depends on the severity of the energy disruption or limiting belief.  Also to factor in how many areas a client wishes to work in.

* Energy healing is a process of going deeper into the subconscious to heal out blocks holding you back in any area of your life. 


“Through my energy sessions with Sarah, I have noticed dramatic improvements in my handling of various situations including effective handling of relationships at work and performance in recent job interviews.  If there is an area in your life where you are looking for change,  this technique is effective and can help you achieve the change you are looking for quickly”   Energy Client

“I have worked for Sarah for the past year, and every session I am left feeling better than when we started.” J.S.

“You are truly magic! – Thank you” C.C

“Sarah has helped me grow my business, and connect to the right people. She is my favourite business tool!” T.A.


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