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Stop Trying, and Just Be

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Yoda said “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”  and he couldn’t have been more right.

Stop trying to be something, or someone, and start being it.  Start being grateful, happy, abundant and full of love.  Start feeling that way all the time, not trying to.  Not trying to be in the pursuit of those things.  Just be them.

If you want something, have it.  See where it is already and be in that energy. Be in that place, be in that feeling.  That is what life is about, not trying, but being.

For my yogis out there, stop trying to do yoga, or trying out a pose, be in the pose.  Be a yogi.  Then you are and it doesn’t matter what anything looks like on the outside, you are in on the inside.

Fun, for the Fun of it

I like to have fun.  I really do.  I also stopped having fun for a while there, life was hard, then serious, then a struggle, then stressful.  It wasn’t much fun at all.  Truth was, I wasn’t any fun anymore, all those other emotions had taken over.  Back to creating from within, if I wasn’t fun, then there really wasn’t any fun I could create.

So, I changed that.  I decided to have fun whenever I wanted.  Where ever I wanted. I have fun all over the place now. For instance, I dance in my car to music I like, because it is more fun that way.  It’s cool if you see me having fun, I don’t mind.  I have fun in public all the time.  You may even look over one day and see my car dancing and laugh at me because it is is silly, or maybe you have forgotten to create your fun within so you may judge me a little for acting silly.  That is cool with me too, I don’t mind.  I think that the more fun I create within, and the more places I splash that fun around the better the chance that it will fall onto others.  I’m sharing the fun, for the sake of fun, and for the fun of it.




This little light of Mine…

There is a divine light within each of us that can never be harmed, it is always filled with happiness, love and success.  Even if you don’t like the Sunday school songs, this light is there.  It is part of the translation of Namaste, it is often said that someone lights up a room.  Or that they have a glow about them, these are usually happy and pleasant people to be around.

This light also has another purpose, this light is part of how we create what we want on the inside. Many of us forget about this light, or have never thought about it.  However it is always there, it is a big part of what I see in my energy work as well.  People have all sort of thoughts, emotions, limiting beliefs, and varying sizes of trauma.  However that light as I said before can never be harmed.  Due to this it is such a great source of healing for many people.  Sometimes we have to let the bad things go by allowing the good to come in and take over.

There is a lot of focus on clearing energy blocks, and I do see the good in that.  However I see even more good by bringing in the light.  I see better results by allowing the light, the happy feelings to be what convinces the hurt, or the block that things can be OK.  Sure some bad things may happen, sure sometimes things are tough, that is all true.  No need to pretend that it isn’t.  So why not make things easier and just turn on the light for the dark to feel a bit safer.  We could spend our entire lives clearing the bad, the hurt, the trauma, the limiting beliefs, but if there isn’t a positive emotional habit to take it’s place then there will be more things created in the “darker” area.

We should give ourselves a break, accept the bad things, and let your light be the part that can always shine on in-spite of it all.

Build your own happiness

Build your feelings of happiness, joy and love inside of you and allow them to pour out into the world.

We make our lives from within, with our own feelings and emotions vibrating out into the world.  It took me awhile to truly get this, but we are in charge of our own happiness.  It takes practice, so let today be one of those practice days.  Feel you have everything inside of you.  It is all created there.  Now just for today, let the fear of what may happen, the fear of the past fall away from you.  Give yourself that break, if only for today.
Share this with your friends, so that everyone around you is enjoying the same high joy vibrations.
To your happiness, and I do mean even the strange little things that make you happy that you don’t tell everyone about because somethings they are strange.  That’s cool, I’m all about letting the freak flag fly!

We Are Women

balanceHere’s to the single women who raise children.  As well as the mothers of these women who help, or raise their daughter’s and son’s children for them.  Here’s to you, making your family by working as two people outside the home, and leading as two people inside the home. Doing this all as one person.  Here’s to you putting a smile on every time a married woman calls herself a single mother.  Here’s to every married woman who feels like a single mother. Here’s to you, each of you for not being bitter at one another. Here’s to still making forts, hosting birthday parties, and teaching your son how to throw.  Teaching your daughter how to happy as herself and still love the thought of being in a good, honest, supportive, and equal relationship with a man.  For teaching your son, that he is not the man of the house, that he is a little boy.  That all children should spend as much time as possible being children.  Here’s to the women who don’t want to marry, or when they do marry, they don’t want any children at all.  Here’s to the aunties.

Here’s to you being kind to other mothers, to other women.  Here’s to you for choosing if you want to work, or stay home.  Here’s to feminism being about the freedom to make a choice that works for you without guilt.  Here’s to you for not judging someone else’s choice for happiness defined by themselves. We are the women of the world.  We are the healthy spirit that takes care, and nurtures ourselves and others.  When women feel whole, happy and confident the entire world can work better.  When war takes our families, it is the women who get back up.  We get back up for ourselves, each other, for our children, and our communities.  We see the world for all of it’s beauty, even in heartache.  We see the pain, we see the bitter, and sure sometimes we are the victims.  Sure sometimes we stay there, and that is OK.  Do you want to know why?  Somewhere else there is a woman who has been able to get back up.  That is because another woman before her has shown her how, or given her a helping hand.  That strength is like a pulse, sometimes just enough to get by on for that day.  Enough to inspire.  With that strength there is enough to go around for those who do get stuck. For those that need a bit more time. For those who lose hope.  We women watch out for one another, for each others children when we fall.  If you are not a mother, then at least you have one, or have had one.  Even still maybe you have had another woman step in to fill that role.  You know enough to not make it all about yourself, but enough to know that when you are in trouble you take care of yourself first.  Or in really big trouble, you call on your mother. If your mother is one of the ones who is stuck, you call on another mother, or your other strong woman friend.  For we all share it.  We all have it in us.  It comes out in different ways and in different callings, but it is there.  For the mothers who can’t mother, we hire another mother.  For the mothers who can’t be mothers, we find children who need us, or we let that little part of our soul ache and watch over the world in our own way. Or, we power on, for we are so powerful.

We raise the world, us women.  We raise each other.  When we feel we can’t do that, we find a woman to heal our wounds that may have even come from another wounded woman.  We are not alone.  We are the beat, the backbone, the unconditional love that is vibrating through the world.  Where ever you heard your story here, don’t let it define you.  Where ever you heard another woman’s story, be kind to her.

I see you. I see you all, and I am in awe.  To truly be ourselves, living in our purpose and in our own happiness is a gift, one that we all deserve. We can also give this gift when we see each other in the same way.

– Sarah Leavens

Go for your dreams, go for the banana

There was an experiment done years ago with 5 monkeys, don’t worry, no animal testing here.  However it was a social experiment.  Read the full story of the experiment here.

The end result was that when one monkey wanted to climb a pole, and retrieve the ultimate prize of a banana the other monkeys would attack that monkey.  As a group they would keep all the others down.

Sound familiar?  Have you ever told someone your dream, of reaching for the top of the pole, to go for what you desire and their reaction was to tell you all the reasons you shouldn’t do it.  Or all the reasons you can’t do it, or why it will be difficult, or tricky, or risky?

Most people do this to keep you safe, it is scary to go for your dreams, it is scary to try, to risk, to fail.  Well I am here today to tell you to forget the fear.  To forget the voices in your head, for the nay sayers, even with the best intentions.  No, today I say go for it!

Enjoy some free meditations to help remove those doubting voices

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Love or Above Review

I want to be able to help people live the life of their dreams, to remove limiting beliefs and energy blocks so we can all enjoy happiness where ever we are in our lives.  I do this for my own clients and students by using energy clearing techniques.  There are lots of training programs out there to help with personal development.  I want to give you my personal experiences with these programs, so you can choose the best one to fit your needs.

Love or above is Christie Marie Sheldon’s program, and she is a very gifted healer.  Her main focus is on raising your energy levels to make the love vibration.  In this vibration you can start to manifest and easily clear more of the blocks holding you back in your life.  Who doesn’t want more of what they love?

This program is great for people who are just starting to work with their own energy bodies, the law of attraction, and even seasoned pros who need a little pick me up.  The best part about this program is the support you get.  Christie is very involved in her community, this is not a buy it and see you later program.

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The Courage To Create

I have spent more time creating courage and confidence in myself than I have creating the end product.  Whatever that product is, being a teacher, a writer, a coach.  The end product of being myself, of using my purpose in life to make others feel better.  To heal.  I want all the trauma that blocks others, as it did in myself to be clear from us all.  That we can be happy, that we can shine, that we can all work in our purpose and share that with the world.

The purpose comes, but it is the courage that we have in ourselves that makes us use it.  Keep up the courage, we are all meant to shine, to succeed and to give to the world our own unique gifts.  Be brave enough to do it, because you can.



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“My session with Sarah was like Magic.” R.C

“Always positive and helpful! Inspires me to be happy” UWO student

“Amazing teacher and amazing course! Would highly recommend it to everyone. Has such a positive attitude and energy” Workshop student


You need Unconditional Love too

We are often great at loving those special people in our lives.  We forgive them for their faults, even sometimes when we don’t want to.  Giving love feels great, and unconditional love is even a Universal law.

Now what would happen if I asked you if you loved yourself unconditionally?  I am sure you have worked to love yourself, and that there are things that you really do love about yourself.  However is it really unconditional?  Do you forgive yourself for your own faults, like those you forgive in others?

I see this a lot with my clients, and I realized with myself as well.  I was quick to see the good things in myself, to generate some love for myself.  However I was also quick to judge myself when I felt I had failed, or wasn’t as good as I thought I should be. Also major conditions of love when one of my annoying habits wasn’t being managed properly.  I would get down on myself.  I was literally telling myself that I love me when I think I am good enough, but not when I don’t.  It turns out I often felt I wasn’t good enough.

Making a change to love myself unconditionally, hasn’t been entirely easy, but it is something that I am happy I am working on. Like anything it is a new pattern, and takes practice and daily work, but it is working. I find it helps to keep connecting to the Universal unconditional love. I want to work towards a place where I know who I am,  and I can be OK and loving with myself, no matter what.