Energy Healing

Build your own happiness

Build your feelings of happiness, joy and love inside of you and allow them to pour out into the world.

We make our lives from within, with our own feelings and emotions vibrating out into the world.  It took me awhile to truly get this, but we are in charge of our own happiness.  It takes practice, so let today be one of those practice days.  Feel you have everything inside of you.  It is all created there.  Now just for today, let the fear of what may happen, the fear of the past fall away from you.  Give yourself that break, if only for today.
Share this with your friends, so that everyone around you is enjoying the same high joy vibrations.
To your happiness, and I do mean even the strange little things that make you happy that you don’t tell everyone about because somethings they are strange.  That’s cool, I’m all about letting the freak flag fly!
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