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Fun, for the Fun of it

I like to have fun.  I really do.  I also stopped having fun for a while there, life was hard, then serious, then a struggle, then stressful.  It wasn’t much fun at all.  Truth was, I wasn’t any fun anymore, all those other emotions had taken over.  Back to creating from within, if I wasn’t fun, then there really wasn’t any fun I could create.

So, I changed that.  I decided to have fun whenever I wanted.  Where ever I wanted. I have fun all over the place now. For instance, I dance in my car to music I like, because it is more fun that way.  It’s cool if you see me having fun, I don’t mind.  I have fun in public all the time.  You may even look over one day and see my car dancing and laugh at me because it is is silly, or maybe you have forgotten to create your fun within so you may judge me a little for acting silly.  That is cool with me too, I don’t mind.  I think that the more fun I create within, and the more places I splash that fun around the better the chance that it will fall onto others.  I’m sharing the fun, for the sake of fun, and for the fun of it.




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