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Go for your dreams, go for the banana

There was an experiment done years ago with 5 monkeys, don’t worry, no animal testing here.  However it was a social experiment.  Read the full story of the experiment here.

The end result was that when one monkey wanted to climb a pole, and retrieve the ultimate prize of a banana the other monkeys would attack that monkey.  As a group they would keep all the others down.

Sound familiar?  Have you ever told someone your dream, of reaching for the top of the pole, to go for what you desire and their reaction was to tell you all the reasons you shouldn’t do it.  Or all the reasons you can’t do it, or why it will be difficult, or tricky, or risky?

Most people do this to keep you safe, it is scary to go for your dreams, it is scary to try, to risk, to fail.  Well I am here today to tell you to forget the fear.  To forget the voices in your head, for the nay sayers, even with the best intentions.  No, today I say go for it!

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