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Love or Above Review

I want to be able to help people live the life of their dreams, to remove limiting beliefs and energy blocks so we can all enjoy happiness where ever we are in our lives.  I do this for my own clients and students by using energy clearing techniques.  There are lots of training programs out there to help with personal development.  I want to give you my personal experiences with these programs, so you can choose the best one to fit your needs.

Love or above is Christie Marie Sheldon’s program, and she is a very gifted healer.  Her main focus is on raising your energy levels to make the love vibration.  In this vibration you can start to manifest and easily clear more of the blocks holding you back in your life.  Who doesn’t want more of what they love?

This program is great for people who are just starting to work with their own energy bodies, the law of attraction, and even seasoned pros who need a little pick me up.  The best part about this program is the support you get.  Christie is very involved in her community, this is not a buy it and see you later program.

Bonus, Christie Marie Sheldon also gives lots of FREE webinar and group clearings too!

Check it out here and enjoy your path of growth and happiness.  love or above

Don’t forget you can always have one on one coaching with me.  Book at support@wholelifeenergy. ca


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