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Parenting Advice – Sort of;)

I was once asked for parenting advice from a guy who’s wife was almost due.  First I thought that was nuts, hadn’t he had enough unsolicited advice about being a parent?!  It was because of this thought that I gave him pretty lame advice.

I told him “it isn’t as hard as you think it is going to be”.  Well of course it is hard, but what I meant was  if you just accept the fact that you are now responsible for another human being for the rest of your life it takes some of the pressure off.  Also helps to stop the complaining about having a kid so much. You wanted it, or at least you can’t be that surprised that having sex actually makes other human beings.  Side note, also helps you to look kind to those people who struggle to have children.

Now my advice is this.  Parents, make sure you still take care of each other and yourselves, especially if you are a single parent.  When you are happy, feel loved, important and cared for; It really does make it easier to care for someone else.  For example small children that need to feel loved, safe and seen.

That, and put in a dimmer switch in your bathroom.

What self love are you going to give yourself today?

In what wonderful way will this turn out?

When life is seeming difficult there are two paths, the victim, or to have faith that there is an easy solution coming to aide you. Choose wisely. 

When something goes wrong in my life, I like to ask “In what wonderful way will this turn out for me?”

Also I remind myself that when you are at the goal line, that is when the entire defense is trying to stop you.  Keep up a little faith and make it over the line with ease.

Passion needs Purpose

I was raised by very supportive parents who always told me, do what you love and the money will follow.  This was good advice, but there is something more that I want to add to it. You have got to figure out where you are going to be able to make the most amount of abundance. I read Mike Rowe, host of Dirty Jobs article on why he doesn’t encourage people to follow their passion.  Instead he states “Don’t Follow Your Passion, But Always Bring it With You.” 

I believe that somewhere in between there is a happy medium.  See, now I do what I love, but it took me forever to figure out what that was.  Unfortunately even finding that love didn’t really bring in the money, certainly not as much as I needed to raise two kids on.  This income gap brought about the need for me to get creative on how to make more money while still doing what I love.  Thankfully I also started to figure out how to manifest money out of nowhere sometimes. The use of Universal energy when inline with what I desire when I know what that really is, does help me out.  If you have met me you may have even heard me say I pay my bills with hopes and dreams.  Now it is time for bigger hopes and bigger dreams, as well as finding the time to make those dreams realities.  Raising two kids by myself I realize does put me in a certain set of circumstance, however I wasn’t ready to give up what I loved doing. If things in my life were hard, I at least wanted to have fun somewhere.  My work as a yoga teacher and an energy coach has brought me a lot of joy.  I have had to make some allowances and changes though in terms of how to make it all work.  When my kids were really little I wanted to be there for them, I wanted to make sure that they were getting enough attention and love as we went through so many changes and difficulties.  I also knew that putting two kids in full time daycare would make it almost impossible for me to be able to pay for anything else (that is a whole different post topic). I did the best I could, but ended up in the trap of many other single working parents, I had to take on multiple low paying part-time jobs.  This was not something that I could really sustain though.  What is the point of doing what I love if I still can’t afford to live above the poverty line?  Things weren’t working, I needed to be realistic and find a way to take care of my kids.  Being a parent is also a pretty important job that I need some passion for as well.  Being totally overworked and not able to be there as a happy mother for my kids was something that I wasn’t willing to be anymore.  Did I mention that yoga and meditation relieve stress?  

It was from this place of lack, and feeling stuck that I knew it was time to make a change.  I started to make my own energy shifts (which is why I know they work so well) and now I am in a new area of working with my passion.  I had to find my purpose. What is the point of doing what I love if I can’t better myself, and the people around me.  I am a yoga teacher and an energy worker.  It is who I am.  I wish I had better skills, or something else to give in this life, but this seems to be it for me.  Once I accepted this about myself, great things started to opened up for me.  I get jobs offered to me, clients referred to me, and fun opportunities without even asking for them.  Well I do spend some time each day meditating and asking for what I need, manifesting can be fun!  However, I know it was getting in line with what I wanted and allowing myself to be seen as I truly am that made the biggest shift.  It started to give me the confidence to create my own job, to use my skill set for myself.  In this way I agree with Mike Rowe’s above article, don’t just follow what you love if you aren’t good at it.  There is a balance to follow what you are good at, add some passion, and have the confidence to really make it work.  I see this a lot in the trades, in the difference between people who work for a big company, or people who start their own.  If you are an entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter what your trade is. 

Why you should meditate no matter who you are

I first started to really believe everyone should meditate a few years ago on my first day of teaching yoga in the Kinesiology department at the University of Western Ontario.

I was teaching 50 UWO students an activities course in yoga.  I knew I wanted to add meditation and breathing into the curriculum because they are part of yoga, but I also knew that they would benefit from it. This was a group of tired, stressed and over stimulated 20 year olds, the perfect candidates for meditation.  They needed a time out, a break from the stress of life in a big way.  Students are known for cramming for tests, partying, staying up late, for being in a competitive environment, often all on their own for the first time in their lives. There are also a lot of changes happening and new experiences.  Some students have to balance jobs, or are creating debt, or maybe even aware of the strain on their parents finically to support them.

There is also the ever distracting electronic devices, phones, internet, TV, computers, and tablets often used at the same time. We do so love them!

I asked the students on the first day, “Who feels stressed or overwhelmed?” They all put up their hands.   “Who feels like they are thinking about more than one thing at a time?” They all put up their hands.  Then I asked “Who has been told that they must multi-task?” again all hands went up.  Finally my favorite, “Who knows exactly where there phone is right now? We all laughed at that one.  As I was thinking about this, I realized I don’t know a single person who doesn’t feel this way.  It sort of blew me away, I knew that I was stressed and over worked, and had used meditation to balance my life.  To keep me happy, sane and focused.  I just took it for granted that my stress was because of my unique life experiences.  I was trying to show these students that I understood what they were going through.  However, WE are all going through life like this. Stress from jobs, relationships, dreams, goals, disappointment and the every distracting electronic devices is happening in everyone’s life.  So if I could use mediation to make me happy, and I was telling these students to use it to help them focus.  To take a break from everything swirling around them at all times.  To allow them to experience how great it feels to have one focus at least once a day.  It became so clear to me that yes, everyone everywhere should be meditating.

Just think about the world full of people who have taken even five minutes a day to find some quiet calm peace within.  Even if those five minutes are just following the breath, and allowing a wondering mind to have something to return to. The possibility of the amazing kind, patience, and happy people we would all be.  From this who knows what could happen, what we could achieve successfully in our lives.

I love to tell everyone I meet, just take those five minutes, see what happens when you are only thinking about one thing.  Each and every time even before they do it, there is a relieved look on their face.


What is Energy Healing?

I found this question on a forum post today, and this was my answer.  Thought it might be interesting for others to hear as well.  Enjoy!


I didnt know where to put my question but does anyone here do the energy healing?

I am just interested how it works…

Thank you,

Take care.

I do energy healing, clearing and coaching.  We all carry various blocks, as was stated above in a previous post, usually from an emotional trauma (not all traumas are major).  No matter the type of healing practice, all work with the energy pathways – meridians, energy centers – chakras, and the energy field – aura. Some healers see the energy disruptions (I do) some just work with time tested practices like, acupuncture, energy routines for balancing disruptions, EFT tapping, as well as techniques for balancing the chakras etc.  No matter what type of practice you use, or have a healer use on you, the main objective is to keep all the energy flowing in balance within the body. Once the major issues have been cleared, then you can practice daily energy practices to keep things healthy.  Think of it like going to the dentist to have a cavity filled, but you still have to brush your teeth to keep them clean.  Our energy body is layered with our physical body, which is why keeping our energy body healthy is key to relieving physical pain and ailments.  It is often said that disease is really dis – ease of our energy.

The second area of energy is our vibrations that we send out into the Universe.  Everything is energy, and is always in constant vibration (Law of Vibration).  It is these vibrations that attract like to like – as seen in the Law of Attraction. Our limiting beliefs and energy blocks can keep us from manifesting what we desire to create in our life, including our health.  The blocked energy, or limiting beliefs in our subconscious keep us from obtaining what we consciously think we want. If you were to say “I really want to do this… but at the end of the sentence in your head you think, but it will never happen” That is the energy that is vibrating out into the Universe, and what you will ultimately create as your reality. So energy healing is a practice that should be used in all areas of the body and mind.  We are holistic beings, which means thankfully if one area is cleared, it will help to clear all areas.

I have made easy to follow ebooks on meditation and clearing energy blocks to help manifest the life you deserve as your true self.  Find the True You Meditation Series for kindle on