Energy Healing

This little light of Mine…

There is a divine light within each of us that can never be harmed, it is always filled with happiness, love and success.  Even if you don’t like the Sunday school songs, this light is there.  It is part of the translation of Namaste, it is often said that someone lights up a room.  Or that they have a glow about them, these are usually happy and pleasant people to be around.

This light also has another purpose, this light is part of how we create what we want on the inside. Many of us forget about this light, or have never thought about it.  However it is always there, it is a big part of what I see in my energy work as well.  People have all sort of thoughts, emotions, limiting beliefs, and varying sizes of trauma.  However that light as I said before can never be harmed.  Due to this it is such a great source of healing for many people.  Sometimes we have to let the bad things go by allowing the good to come in and take over.

There is a lot of focus on clearing energy blocks, and I do see the good in that.  However I see even more good by bringing in the light.  I see better results by allowing the light, the happy feelings to be what convinces the hurt, or the block that things can be OK.  Sure some bad things may happen, sure sometimes things are tough, that is all true.  No need to pretend that it isn’t.  So why not make things easier and just turn on the light for the dark to feel a bit safer.  We could spend our entire lives clearing the bad, the hurt, the trauma, the limiting beliefs, but if there isn’t a positive emotional habit to take it’s place then there will be more things created in the “darker” area.

We should give ourselves a break, accept the bad things, and let your light be the part that can always shine on in-spite of it all.

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