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You need Unconditional Love too

We are often great at loving those special people in our lives.  We forgive them for their faults, even sometimes when we don’t want to.  Giving love feels great, and unconditional love is even a Universal law.

Now what would happen if I asked you if you loved yourself unconditionally?  I am sure you have worked to love yourself, and that there are things that you really do love about yourself.  However is it really unconditional?  Do you forgive yourself for your own faults, like those you forgive in others?

I see this a lot with my clients, and I realized with myself as well.  I was quick to see the good things in myself, to generate some love for myself.  However I was also quick to judge myself when I felt I had failed, or wasn’t as good as I thought I should be. Also major conditions of love when one of my annoying habits wasn’t being managed properly.  I would get down on myself.  I was literally telling myself that I love me when I think I am good enough, but not when I don’t.  It turns out I often felt I wasn’t good enough.

Making a change to love myself unconditionally, hasn’t been entirely easy, but it is something that I am happy I am working on. Like anything it is a new pattern, and takes practice and daily work, but it is working. I find it helps to keep connecting to the Universal unconditional love. I want to work towards a place where I know who I am,  and I can be OK and loving with myself, no matter what.

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