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Monthly Archive: December 2014

We are still good even when working to better ourselves

Future looks greatThere can be a dark side of personal growth that can end up enhancing a sense of lack in our lives.  Doing personal growth work does not mean that there is something wrong with you.  Sure there may be some pain and bad habits going on, but that is not who you are, it is just how you feel or act.  This does not mean that there is anything wrong with you.  It does not mean that you are broken and need to be fixed.

Yes, even in pain or running bad habits you are still good. If you are seeking help then there is something inside of you that knows your worth already.  There is a place within all of us that knows that we should have happy and fulfilling lives.  That we should not be suffering, that there is a way for us to feel better.

Do yourself the favour of staying away from the dark and the pity and shame.  Listen to that part of you that feels worthy and deserving of all that you desire in your life.  Personal growth is about taking what we have and making it the best experience for ourselves.  It is not about feeling that we will only be good enough if we are a better version of ourselves. Remember to enjoy yourself and your life during the entire journey of your growth.

Your heart has a brain

Valentine heartThere is real truth in the advice to follow your heart.  There is as much intelligence scientifically in your heart as there is in your brain.  This is why there is such a wonderful part of us that knows the truth when we listen to our hearts.  This is where our desires lie, where our purpose lives and  where we can understand who we are.  It can be hard to listen to this somedays though.  It can be hard to feel one way, and be living a reality of another.

The shift that has to happen in your mind is to let go of the subconscious blocks.  The little voice inside your head that likes things the way they are.  That part of you that doesn’t want to change, that frankly sees change as something difficult.  Be kind to your subconscious.  Be kind to the dreams in your heart.  Let the two become friends, convince your subconscious that you have all that you need inside of you to change.  To live your dreams, to create your life just as you want it.

Keep listening, keep dreaming, keep practicing the change, and know that you have the ideas on how to do it.


Life Lemons

Three lemonsSometimes life is hard for no reason at all.  This is not the time to ask why do bad things happen to good people.  Or feel that you are being punished for not being a positive person.  There tends to be a lot of blame that can be cast on ourselves when we work with the Law of Attraction, or manifesting.

I love knowing that there are silver linings in our lives, there are ways to make those lemons into lemonade.  I am also happy to know that sometimes situations just cause pain, we are human and that is one of our emotions.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  We all need some time to grieve, to hurt, and to heal.  That is OK, that is what makes us stronger, and gives us the chance to enjoy the good things in life a bit more. Not every moment is going to be great, or easy, or fun or something we want to celebrate.  Let those hard times be real, it is the quickest way to move throw the pain.

Sure things are going to be tough, and unforeseen things happen, so just roll with it.  Let it be what it is, take what you can from it and let it go.  Allow that to carry you forward in a new way, with a bit more grit and a sense that you can handle what life gives you.  Even on those tough days. Life lessons, life lemons, whatever you call them, if you give into it a bit, admit the pain, you have a chance of coming out the other side stronger. You have a chance to find the good in everything.

Gratitude is a gift

Gratitude really is a gift, however instead of seeing what it gives you, be sure to give it back.  It is no secret that feeling grateful is an instant mood booster, and a big part of personal growth systems all around.

However I think the real gift of gratitude is when you express that gratitude.  Tell the people that you are grateful for that you are in fact grateful for them.  Grateful for what they do for you, or how they enhance your life.  One of the biggest resentments in relationships is when someone feels taken for granted.  Telling each other why we are grateful for each other is a sure fire way to keep that resentment from building.

Keep everyone around you happy, and connected by telling them what they mean to you.  How they help and impact your life.  Try it and see how you can both feel wonderful!  More gratitude expressed will bring around more things to be grateful for.


The puzzle of I Am

Final Piece

When we choose to be ourselves, we can live as ourselves.  It is a Universal truth that we are here to be successful in whatever purpose this life has to offer.  So be you, live in your “I Am”.

I am abundance, or I am abundant.

I am happy, or I am happiness

I am Loved, or I am Love

I am healthy, or I am health

I am wealthy, or I am wealth

I am living my purpose

I am connected

I am enough

Stay in this state of I Am in order to be.  This state is only lost when we get caught up in the lack we perceive to have in the here and now.  There is a part of us that needs faith.  Keep the faith, and the vibration of I Am to live as you are.


Decide Already

Young woman


If you want something, you have to decide to have it.

We often think we want something, but do so from a place of lacking it. When we decide that we want something, then it is already ours.

Think of all the times that you knew that you were going to do something. Then everything showed up to make it happen. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.  So get clear and decide tho live a certain way, or go on a certain adventure, or have the job you want because it is your purpose in life.

Whatever it is, make the decision to do it already;)