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Gratitude is a gift

Gratitude really is a gift, however instead of seeing what it gives you, be sure to give it back.  It is no secret that feeling grateful is an instant mood booster, and a big part of personal growth systems all around.

However I think the real gift of gratitude is when you express that gratitude.  Tell the people that you are grateful for that you are in fact grateful for them.  Grateful for what they do for you, or how they enhance your life.  One of the biggest resentments in relationships is when someone feels taken for granted.  Telling each other why we are grateful for each other is a sure fire way to keep that resentment from building.

Keep everyone around you happy, and connected by telling them what they mean to you.  How they help and impact your life.  Try it and see how you can both feel wonderful!  More gratitude expressed will bring around more things to be grateful for.


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