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Life Lemons

Three lemonsSometimes life is hard for no reason at all.  This is not the time to ask why do bad things happen to good people.  Or feel that you are being punished for not being a positive person.  There tends to be a lot of blame that can be cast on ourselves when we work with the Law of Attraction, or manifesting.

I love knowing that there are silver linings in our lives, there are ways to make those lemons into lemonade.  I am also happy to know that sometimes situations just cause pain, we are human and that is one of our emotions.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  We all need some time to grieve, to hurt, and to heal.  That is OK, that is what makes us stronger, and gives us the chance to enjoy the good things in life a bit more. Not every moment is going to be great, or easy, or fun or something we want to celebrate.  Let those hard times be real, it is the quickest way to move throw the pain.

Sure things are going to be tough, and unforeseen things happen, so just roll with it.  Let it be what it is, take what you can from it and let it go.  Allow that to carry you forward in a new way, with a bit more grit and a sense that you can handle what life gives you.  Even on those tough days. Life lessons, life lemons, whatever you call them, if you give into it a bit, admit the pain, you have a chance of coming out the other side stronger. You have a chance to find the good in everything.

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  1. Joy Neighbors

    Perfect timing, Sarah! Within the past three days I’ve lost three cats and a vehicle to bizarre accidents. Just when I’m starting to wonder how I’m manifesting so much grief, I saw your post. Thank you! These were words I needed to hear.

    1. Sarah Leavens (Post author)

      Great timing, yes we don’t need to think about the grief we are attracting. How about attracting the reminder that we are human and life is a blessing not a curse.


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