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We are still good even when working to better ourselves

Future looks greatThere can be a dark side of personal growth that can end up enhancing a sense of lack in our lives.  Doing personal growth work does not mean that there is something wrong with you.  Sure there may be some pain and bad habits going on, but that is not who you are, it is just how you feel or act.  This does not mean that there is anything wrong with you.  It does not mean that you are broken and need to be fixed.

Yes, even in pain or running bad habits you are still good. If you are seeking help then there is something inside of you that knows your worth already.  There is a place within all of us that knows that we should have happy and fulfilling lives.  That we should not be suffering, that there is a way for us to feel better.

Do yourself the favour of staying away from the dark and the pity and shame.  Listen to that part of you that feels worthy and deserving of all that you desire in your life.  Personal growth is about taking what we have and making it the best experience for ourselves.  It is not about feeling that we will only be good enough if we are a better version of ourselves. Remember to enjoy yourself and your life during the entire journey of your growth.

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