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Your heart has a brain

Valentine heartThere is real truth in the advice to follow your heart.  There is as much intelligence scientifically in your heart as there is in your brain.  This is why there is such a wonderful part of us that knows the truth when we listen to our hearts.  This is where our desires lie, where our purpose lives and  where we can understand who we are.  It can be hard to listen to this somedays though.  It can be hard to feel one way, and be living a reality of another.

The shift that has to happen in your mind is to let go of the subconscious blocks.  The little voice inside your head that likes things the way they are.  That part of you that doesn’t want to change, that frankly sees change as something difficult.  Be kind to your subconscious.  Be kind to the dreams in your heart.  Let the two become friends, convince your subconscious that you have all that you need inside of you to change.  To live your dreams, to create your life just as you want it.

Keep listening, keep dreaming, keep practicing the change, and know that you have the ideas on how to do it.


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