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Sarah Leavens is a yoga teacher and an energy coach, who works with students and clients for yoga, guided meditation and energy clearing.

What is Energy Healing?

I found this question on a forum post today, and this was my answer.  Thought it might be interesting for others to hear as well.  Enjoy!


I didnt know where to put my question but does anyone here do the energy healing?

I am just interested how it works…

Thank you,

Take care.

I do energy healing, clearing and coaching.  We all carry various blocks, as was stated above in a previous post, usually from an emotional trauma (not all traumas are major).  No matter the type of healing practice, all work with the energy pathways – meridians, energy centers – chakras, and the energy field – aura. Some healers see the energy disruptions (I do) some just work with time tested practices like, acupuncture, energy routines for balancing disruptions, EFT tapping, as well as techniques for balancing the chakras etc.  No matter what type of practice you use, or have a healer use on you, the main objective is to keep all the energy flowing in balance within the body. Once the major issues have been cleared, then you can practice daily energy practices to keep things healthy.  Think of it like going to the dentist to have a cavity filled, but you still have to brush your teeth to keep them clean.  Our energy body is layered with our physical body, which is why keeping our energy body healthy is key to relieving physical pain and ailments.  It is often said that disease is really dis – ease of our energy.

The second area of energy is our vibrations that we send out into the Universe.  Everything is energy, and is always in constant vibration (Law of Vibration).  It is these vibrations that attract like to like – as seen in the Law of Attraction. Our limiting beliefs and energy blocks can keep us from manifesting what we desire to create in our life, including our health.  The blocked energy, or limiting beliefs in our subconscious keep us from obtaining what we consciously think we want. If you were to say “I really want to do this… but at the end of the sentence in your head you think, but it will never happen” That is the energy that is vibrating out into the Universe, and what you will ultimately create as your reality. So energy healing is a practice that should be used in all areas of the body and mind.  We are holistic beings, which means thankfully if one area is cleared, it will help to clear all areas.

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