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Life Lemons

Three lemonsSometimes life is hard for no reason at all.  This is not the time to ask why do bad things happen to good people.  Or feel that you are being punished for not being a positive person.  There tends to be a lot of blame that can be cast on ourselves when we work with the Law of Attraction, or manifesting.

I love knowing that there are silver linings in our lives, there are ways to make those lemons into lemonade.  I am also happy to know that sometimes situations just cause pain, we are human and that is one of our emotions.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  We all need some time to grieve, to hurt, and to heal.  That is OK, that is what makes us stronger, and gives us the chance to enjoy the good things in life a bit more. Not every moment is going to be great, or easy, or fun or something we want to celebrate.  Let those hard times be real, it is the quickest way to move throw the pain.

Sure things are going to be tough, and unforeseen things happen, so just roll with it.  Let it be what it is, take what you can from it and let it go.  Allow that to carry you forward in a new way, with a bit more grit and a sense that you can handle what life gives you.  Even on those tough days. Life lessons, life lemons, whatever you call them, if you give into it a bit, admit the pain, you have a chance of coming out the other side stronger. You have a chance to find the good in everything.

Decide Already

Young woman


If you want something, you have to decide to have it.

We often think we want something, but do so from a place of lacking it. When we decide that we want something, then it is already ours.

Think of all the times that you knew that you were going to do something. Then everything showed up to make it happen. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.  So get clear and decide tho live a certain way, or go on a certain adventure, or have the job you want because it is your purpose in life.

Whatever it is, make the decision to do it already;)

Go for your dreams, go for the banana

There was an experiment done years ago with 5 monkeys, don’t worry, no animal testing here.  However it was a social experiment.  Read the full story of the experiment here.

The end result was that when one monkey wanted to climb a pole, and retrieve the ultimate prize of a banana the other monkeys would attack that monkey.  As a group they would keep all the others down.

Sound familiar?  Have you ever told someone your dream, of reaching for the top of the pole, to go for what you desire and their reaction was to tell you all the reasons you shouldn’t do it.  Or all the reasons you can’t do it, or why it will be difficult, or tricky, or risky?

Most people do this to keep you safe, it is scary to go for your dreams, it is scary to try, to risk, to fail.  Well I am here today to tell you to forget the fear.  To forget the voices in your head, for the nay sayers, even with the best intentions.  No, today I say go for it!

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You need Unconditional Love too

We are often great at loving those special people in our lives.  We forgive them for their faults, even sometimes when we don’t want to.  Giving love feels great, and unconditional love is even a Universal law.

Now what would happen if I asked you if you loved yourself unconditionally?  I am sure you have worked to love yourself, and that there are things that you really do love about yourself.  However is it really unconditional?  Do you forgive yourself for your own faults, like those you forgive in others?

I see this a lot with my clients, and I realized with myself as well.  I was quick to see the good things in myself, to generate some love for myself.  However I was also quick to judge myself when I felt I had failed, or wasn’t as good as I thought I should be. Also major conditions of love when one of my annoying habits wasn’t being managed properly.  I would get down on myself.  I was literally telling myself that I love me when I think I am good enough, but not when I don’t.  It turns out I often felt I wasn’t good enough.

Making a change to love myself unconditionally, hasn’t been entirely easy, but it is something that I am happy I am working on. Like anything it is a new pattern, and takes practice and daily work, but it is working. I find it helps to keep connecting to the Universal unconditional love. I want to work towards a place where I know who I am,  and I can be OK and loving with myself, no matter what.

In what wonderful way will this turn out?

When life is seeming difficult there are two paths, the victim, or to have faith that there is an easy solution coming to aide you. Choose wisely. 

When something goes wrong in my life, I like to ask “In what wonderful way will this turn out for me?”

Also I remind myself that when you are at the goal line, that is when the entire defense is trying to stop you.  Keep up a little faith and make it over the line with ease.

Why you should meditate no matter who you are

I first started to really believe everyone should meditate a few years ago on my first day of teaching yoga in the Kinesiology department at the University of Western Ontario.

I was teaching 50 UWO students an activities course in yoga.  I knew I wanted to add meditation and breathing into the curriculum because they are part of yoga, but I also knew that they would benefit from it. This was a group of tired, stressed and over stimulated 20 year olds, the perfect candidates for meditation.  They needed a time out, a break from the stress of life in a big way.  Students are known for cramming for tests, partying, staying up late, for being in a competitive environment, often all on their own for the first time in their lives. There are also a lot of changes happening and new experiences.  Some students have to balance jobs, or are creating debt, or maybe even aware of the strain on their parents finically to support them.

There is also the ever distracting electronic devices, phones, internet, TV, computers, and tablets often used at the same time. We do so love them!

I asked the students on the first day, “Who feels stressed or overwhelmed?” They all put up their hands.   “Who feels like they are thinking about more than one thing at a time?” They all put up their hands.  Then I asked “Who has been told that they must multi-task?” again all hands went up.  Finally my favorite, “Who knows exactly where there phone is right now? We all laughed at that one.  As I was thinking about this, I realized I don’t know a single person who doesn’t feel this way.  It sort of blew me away, I knew that I was stressed and over worked, and had used meditation to balance my life.  To keep me happy, sane and focused.  I just took it for granted that my stress was because of my unique life experiences.  I was trying to show these students that I understood what they were going through.  However, WE are all going through life like this. Stress from jobs, relationships, dreams, goals, disappointment and the every distracting electronic devices is happening in everyone’s life.  So if I could use mediation to make me happy, and I was telling these students to use it to help them focus.  To take a break from everything swirling around them at all times.  To allow them to experience how great it feels to have one focus at least once a day.  It became so clear to me that yes, everyone everywhere should be meditating.

Just think about the world full of people who have taken even five minutes a day to find some quiet calm peace within.  Even if those five minutes are just following the breath, and allowing a wondering mind to have something to return to. The possibility of the amazing kind, patience, and happy people we would all be.  From this who knows what could happen, what we could achieve successfully in our lives.

I love to tell everyone I meet, just take those five minutes, see what happens when you are only thinking about one thing.  Each and every time even before they do it, there is a relieved look on their face.