Energy Healing

Session Packages

Session Packages


You can now choose which package suits your healing needs. Please read below to see what aligns with your needs best at this time. Also feel free to check with Sarah if you have any questions, or need some guidance on what healing package will give you the most benefit.

Angel Readings

Sarah will connect to your angels to give you guidance, and to connect you to their healing and protection. These readings will be done as a distance healing, with direct answers and guidance sent out to you over email, or your desired written communication. This type of reading is great for questions that need to be answered, and to keep you feeling connected, protected and at peace with your angels and guides.

$40 + HST

Chakra Healing

Have your chakras read and cleared of any blockages that are found. This type of healing is great to keep you aligned, and balanced in your internal energy fields. Great for those that only need minor adjustments, or clearings, as well as keeping up overall energetic health. This session will also be done with distance healing, and an email detailing all information seen and cleared will be sent to you.

$40 + HST

Full Reading

This is an hour long session that is open to you for all readings. A full reading will cover all of your questions about yourself, others, your connections, relationships, and blocks. All areas of life are open in this reading, you can work on financial issues, relationships, family, romance, and health.  Where ever the energy is coming from, that is where Sarah will look to see the roots of the issue and the information that is available there. This session is over Skype, phone, or in person where available.

$140 + HST

Energy Healing

This is an hour long session that will cover not only the reading, but will go deeper into your energy and heal out any and all blocks. This is Sarah’s greatest gift in her healing abilities. It is helpful to have guidance, and to know where something is stored in your system, and truly see the root of the issue caused. That is just the first step though. For many of us we can not go in and heal out these issues even with awareness. In this type of healing session, you will go a step further and have these energetic patterns changed and taken out of your body with lasting effects. This is where the real changes occur, and where Sarah has had the greatest results with her clients. If you are looking for change in your life, this work starts from the inside out, and gives the client the chance to see their outcomes on the outside. This session is over Skype, phone, or in person where available,

$250 + HST

6 Month Healing Arc

This package is for those who are looking to heal greater issues in their lives, and offers the greatest value. This is for long standing blocks, pain, emotional or physical trauma. During this time, you will have two 90 minute sessions per month over a 6 month period. There will be a plan put in place to take you through your healing with care, and support along the way. This program is for those who are serious about making major changes in their lives, and are willing to stay committed to the progress that they are making. Sarah has been committed to her own healing for many years, and the healing journeys of her clients. This is her passion, and gift in this life, and this package will share that commitment with those clients who are looking for something similar in their own lives. A chance to take back their power, their connection to self and source and to see the changes that they have always wanted to see in themselves. This session is over Skype, phone, or in person where available,

$5500 + HST

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