Energy Healing


Here’s What the Community is Saying

” I love the meditations, they are helpful and easy to follow”  Free subscriber

“I’m still in awe, and just so happy to be enjoying a new energy.  I was so sad and stuck in a very real trauma, those feelings are gone now.  The event is still there, but the pain of the memories are gone.  I feel free. Thank you Sarah!” private client.

“Just did an online meditation from my friend Sarah Leavens. It was quick and calming and she was a wonderful guide. Thanks Sarah!” M.K.

“I can’t believe how quickly the energy clearing opened up areas where I had been stuck for years!  I feel so much better, thanks Sarah!” Personal client

“Sarah has motivated me to continue with my meditation practice! She’s outstanding! Very supportive and gifted energy practitioner” Personal client

“I was worried about how to pay for an unexpected bill, this came up in our coaching session that was for something entirely different.  Once I was done with our call, the money was already in my mailbox!  It was an old friend paying me back, just in time.” S.K. personal client

“Amazing and super-enthusiastic teacher. LOVE HER!” Yoga student, and angel reading client

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